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If you have an idea for a new piece of Jewelry we can help you with this process. Come in and sit with Greg, Gabe, Lisa or Rodney and create what you have been looking for.
People have often asked us how do we go about making a ring? How do we decide on the design the color of metal to use or how many Diamonds should I get. We begin the process with showing the customer some rings or necklaces (whatever the case may be) to let them get a feel for what they are attracted to. We then will sketch a drawing for them to see what their new ring may look like. After discussing the ring we then will make a wax protoype of the ring. After the customer views the wax we then will cast the ring (in house) and set what gemstones that the piece calls for. This process usually takes no more than 3 weeks and can be done sooner if time is an issue. 
                                   Thanks for looking, Gabe Barrow

We will make you a new ring in our store and you will see your design go from sketch to wax to a beautifully finished treasure.

Some examples of our work:

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